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Goliad Region January-27 March 1836
Johnson & Grant &
Colonel James Fannin's Command

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Johnson and Grant at San Patricio and Vicinity

Francis (Frank) JohnsonColonel Francis Johnson's Command
Surprised by Centralista Forces at San Patricio, 27 February 1836

Dr. Gustav Bunsen, Henry Coney/Cooney, Benjamin Dale, Dr. William M. W. Hort/Hart; Captain Thomas K. Pearson; William Williams; 2 native Tejanos from Bexar; 2 Americans from Grant's command

Captured and sent to Matamoros
Arreola; William B. Benson; John Bryan; George Copeland; Sebastian Francois; William L. Hall; Lucius H. Kerr; William Langenheim; Phineas Jenks Mahan; Samuel W. McKneely; Thomas S. Mitchell; Hutchins M. Pittman; Thomas Robison; John Spiess; Zambrano; 3 native Tejanos from Bexar

John F.Beck*; Edward H. Hufty*; Col. Francis W. Johnson; John H. Love; James M. Miller*, Daniel J. Toler
*Executed later at Goliad with Fannin's men.  Centralista commander Urrea reported that he killed 20 and took 32 prisoners.


Dr. James Grant's Command
Agua Dulce, 2 March 1836

James A. Cass; Joseph Carpenter; Stephen Denison; Dr. James Grant; Dr. Charles P. Heartt; J.T. Howard; J.W. Wentworth; Joseph Smith Johnson; Thomas Lewellen; Horace Ovid Marshall; John C. McLanglin; Robert C. Morris (2nd in Command)

Captured and imprisoned at Matamoros
Reuben R. Brown; John Collett; Stillman S. Curtis; Nelson Jones; 2 native Tejanos, (one named Cayetano)

Placído Benavides; Randolph DeSpain; William James Gatlin; David Moses; Plaude; James Reed; Captain William Scurlock (Innlock)

Except Benavides and Scurlock, escapees joined Fannin's men and were executed on 27 March. Scurlock was spared as a nurse. Two unidentified Americans attached to Grant were killed at San Patricio.  Centralista commander Urrea reported that he killed 40 and took 6 prisoners.  According to Reuben Brown, there were about 64 who remained after Houston's speech against the expedition.


--Captured 20 March and Executed 27 March 1836--

Col. James W. FanninJames W. Fannin
Colonel Commander



Lt. Colonel William Ward

Major Warren J. Mitchell (Georgia Battalion)

Major Benjamin C. Wallace (Lafayette Battalion)

Adjutants Joseph M. Chadwick; John Sowers Brooks

Sergeant Major Gideon S. Rose (Winn'sCo)

--Spared from execution 27 March 1836--

Quartermaster David I. Holt

Asst. Quartermaster & Regimental Clerk Lewis M.H. Washington

Commissary James Hughes (spared under name Bills)

Surgeons James Field, James H. Barnard


The Troutman FlagThe Georgia Battalion
Major Warren Jordan Mitchell
, Commanding


Col. Ward and Capt. King at Refugio

Captain Amon B. King's Command (Auxiliary Volunteers)
Mission Refugio 14-16 March 1836

Killed in Action or Executed
Sergeant Samuel Anderson; William S. Armstrong; Sergeant James Henry Callison; John H. Colgrove; Thomas Cook; Fields David/Davis; Jackson David/Davis; Hall; James Henley; Joel F. Heth; Sergeant William R. Johnson; Captain Amon Butler King; Harvey H. Kirk; Sneed Ledbetter; James B. Murphy (Wadsworth'sCo); James Murphy; Anderson Ray (Winn'sCo)*; John B. Rodgers (Wadsworth'sCo); Antonio Sayle/Siler (Fraser's Militia)*; William Shelton (Winn'sCo); William K. Simpson (Wyatt'sCo); Gavin Smith; 2nd. Lt. Oliver Smith (Wyatt'sCo)*; John C. Stewart; Robert A. Toler; 1st Sergeant William Wallace (Wyatt'sCo)*; Thomas G. Weeks (Bullock'sCo)*; Christopher Winters (Winn'sCo); Samuel Wood (Ticknor'sCo)
*Not on the Centennial Monument at Refugio

Additional names on the Centennial Monument at Refugio
Leslie G.H. Bracy; Henry H. Eadock; Lewis C. Gibbs; Jesse C. Humphries; Sargeant George W. Penny; John Ward

Captured with King and Spared Execution
Lewis Ayers
; Francis Dietrich (Fraser's Militia); Nicholas Fagan (Fraser's Militia); John James (Fraser's Militia); Charles Jenson (Westover'sCo); Benjamin D. Odlum; Abraham H. Osborn (Bullock'sCo)
Some of these men were spared by General Urrea as colonists or intervention by others.  Jenson/Johnson,  according to Ehrenberg's account, was a "Hamburger named Gensen" and was spared due to intervention by Colonel J. J. Holzinger, a fellow German. Holzinger unsuccessfully attempted to spare another German blacksmith and colonist, Antonio Sayle/Siler.  Colonists  Nicholas Fagan and Francis Dieterich were taken to Goliad as prisoners and on 27 March again spared.  John James, sindico of the Refugio ayuntamiento was spared upon capture, but was killed at Goliad with Fannin's men.  Osborn was wounded and spared with help of  a native Tejano "Cobian" and appeal of his wife to Gen. Urrea.


Colonel William Ward's Retreat
Lost or Escaped at and Near Victoria

Water party 16 March 1836
William H. Butler (Bullock'sCo); John Bright (Winn'sCo); O.H. Perry Davis (Wyatt'sCo); David I. Holt (Staff); Henry G. Hudson (Wyatt'sCo); Hugh Rogers (Wadsworth'sCo); 3rd Sergeant Richard Rutledge (Ticknor'sCo)

Killed in action at Victoria 21 Mar: 2nd Lt. Joseph L. Wilson (Wadsworth'sCo)

Executed while prisoners near Victoria, 21 March
2nd Lt
. Daniel B. Brooks (Winn'sCo); Stith Conner; Thomas Quirk (Fraser's Militia)
From records, seven are unaccounted for.

Left at the Guadalupe night of 21 March, escaped
Joseph Andrews
(Bullock's Co); 1st Lt. Benjamin F. Bradford (Wyatt'sCo); Samuel G. Hardaway (Bullock'sCo); Charles Frederick Heck (Ticknor'sCo); Allen Ingram (Wadsworth'sCo); M. K. Moses (Wadsworth'sCo); L.T. Pease (Bullock'sCo); 4th Sergeant Joel D. Rains (Wyatt'sCo); George Rounds (Wadsworth'sCo); James P. Trezevant (Bullock'sCo)

Detailed to build boats at Victoria, 23 March, escaped
James H. Barnwell (Bullock'sCo); 3rd Sergeant James H. Callaghan (Winn'sCo); Joseph Gamble; Roderick Pierce Hammock (Bullock'sCo); Andrew Jackson Hitchcock (Wadsworth'sCo)*; Thomas Horry (Wadsworth'sCo); John C.P. Kennymore (Wadsworth'sCo); John James Lamkin (Wyatt'sCo); James H. Neely (Wadsworth'sCo); John O'Daniel Jr. (Ticknor'sCo); 1st Sergeant Edward Patterson (Ticknor'sCo); Thomas J. Smith (Westover'sCo); John T. Spiller; Thomas G. Stewart (Bullock'sCo); Capt. William A.O. Wadsworth (Wadsworth'sCo); William L. (Cubelo) Wilkinson (Bullock'sCo)
*Acquaintances of A. J. Hitchcock contend that he escaped from the massacre on 27 March, but official records and contemporaries place him in Victoria.

Detained at Victoria by General Urrea, escaped
Emanuel Durain (Wadsworth'sCo); Sion Duff Greene (Ticknor'sCo); Martin Moran (Winn'sCo); James Benjamin F. Mordecai (Bullock'sCo); William Welsh (Ticknor'sCo)


Captain Horton's Mounted Rangers

Escaped capture on 19-20 March
Albert C. Horton
Lt. James W. Moore

Thomas Jefferson Adams; Norman Austin; Dr. John Walker Baylor (Shackelford'sCo); Jacob Betts; Garrett E. Boom; George J. Bridgeman (Bullock'sCo); George Whitfield Brooks; J.W. Buckner; Thomas Cantwell; Joseph Clements; Lewis DeMoss; William DeMoss; Nicholas M. Eastland; Joseph Fenner; William C. Francis; Jefferson George; Francis Jones; John Jones; Augustus S. Kincheloe; Charles Morgan; John L. Osborn; Thomas Osborn; Michael Riley; George N. Robinson; Levi Pendleton Scott; Christopher Terrell; Thomas S. Thompson; George W. Wheelwright; Ralph Wright

Captured and then executed at Goliad
1st Sergeant
Thomas M. Blake, George W. Cash; Thomas Jefferson Dasher; J.E. Duffield; Ransome O. Graves; John J. Hand; George W. Paine; Lewis Powell; Henry Spencer; Napoleon B. Williams; Hughes Witt; Elias Robert Yeamans; Erastus Yeamans

Escaped during Goliad massacre 27 March
William Haddin; Daniel Martindale

Spared execution by intercession 27 March
Francisco García; Benjamin F. Hughes; Charles Smith

Escaped to Victoria night of 18 March
Silas M. Durret; Elam Ludington


Captain Bullock's Company (First Regiment Texas Volunteers)

Captain Uriah Irwin Bullock (sick at Velasco)

Captured and Executed 27 March
Second Sergeant
Bradford Fowler, Third Sergeant Allison Ames
First corporal Charles R. Munson, Second corporal Thomas S. Freeman, Fourth corporal George Marion Vigal

Isaac Aldridge, William A. J. Brown, Moses Butler, George Washington Cumming, Joseph Dennis, Michael Devereaux, Michael Ellis, Charles Fine, John Gibbs, James McCoy, Kenneth McKenzie, Drury Hugh Minor, John Moat, John O. Moore, Robert A. Pace, Austin Perkins, Samuel Rowe, John S. Scully, John Sealy, Joseph A. Stovall, William L. Wilkerson, Henry H. Wood

Escaped during massacre 27 March
Third corporal
Samuel T. Brown, First sergeant Francis M. Hunt (possibly executed at Goliad) 

Spared execution by intercession 27 March
Thomas Smith (Abel Morgan)
, John T. Spillers

Spared execution for absence or illness 14-27 March
Munroe Bullock, 4th Sergeant Robert Dickinson, 1st. Lt. Basil Lamar, 2nd Lt. Alexander E. Patton, Joseph T. Williams


Captain Ticknor's Company (First Regiment Texas Volunteers)

Captured and Executed 27 March
Captain Isaac Ticknor*
1st. Lt. Memory B. Tatom; 2nd Lt. William A. Smith
2nd Sergeant Nicholas B. Waters; 4th Sergeant Samuel C. Pittman
1st Corporal Joseph B. Tatom*; 2nd Corporal James C. Jack; 3rd Corporal Perry Reese; 4th Corporal Thomas Reeves; Musician Thomas Weston, musician
*with Col. Ward at Mission Refugio

Layton Allen, William L. Alston, Stephen Baker, James A. Bradford, George Washington Carlisle, William Comstock, Cullen Conrad, William P. B. Dubose, Edward Fitzsimmons, Hezekiah Frost, Jesse Harris, Henry Hastie, David Johnson, Charles Lantz, Oscar F. Leverett, A. M. Lynch, John McGowen, Seaborne A. Mills, Washington Mitchell, Cornelius Rooney, Swords, Evans M. Thomas, James Williams, Isaac Newton Wright, James O. Young


Captain Wadsworth's Company (First Regiment Texas Volunteers)

Captain William A. O. Wadsworth*

Captured and Executed 27 March
1st Lt.
Thomas B. Rees
2nd Sargeant Samuel A. J. Mays*
1st Corporal Josiah (James) McSherry, 2nd Corporal J. S. Brown
*With Col. Ward at Mission Refugio, captured in Victoria, Capt. Wadsworth was spared as a carpenter for building boats in Victoria.

Wiley A. Abercrombie, Thomas B. Barton, Joseph H. Clark, William J. Colston, J. A. Foster, Charles Frazier, William Warren Frazier, William Gilbert, Francis Gilkison, Charles C. Milne, John H. Moore, J. H. Saunders, S. Simmons, R. Slatter, Benjamin A. Taliaferro, Wilkins S. Turbeville, Edward Wingate, Solomon Youngblood

Escaped during massacre 27 March
Joseph Gramble, 3rd Sargeant Samuel P. Wallace

Spared execution for absence or illness 14-27 March
4th Corporal
Amos D. Kenyon, 1st Sergeant John Smith


Captain Winn's Company (First Regiment Texas Volunteers)

Captured and Executed 27 March
James C. Winn
1st Lt. Wiley Hughes
1st Sergeant Anthony Bates; 2nd Sergeant John Steven Thom; 4th Sergeant Wesley Hughes
1st Corporal John M. Gimble; 2nd Corporal Walter W. Daws; 3rd Corporal Abraham Stevens; 4th Corporal John M. Powers; Corporal Ray

John Aldridge, Reason Banks, Josias B. Beall, John M. Bryson, Michael Carrol, Thomas H. Cosby, John Ely, George Eubanks, Dominic Gallagher, Wilson Helms, Green Lee, Alexander J. Loverly, Joseph S. Loving, S. Mangum, Watkins Nobles, John M. Oliver, Patrick Osburn, William Parvin, Thomas Rumley, Henry Lewis Shultz, James Smith, John Williams, Harrison Young

Spared execution for absence or illness 14-27 March
John Barton



Lafayette Battalion
Major Benjamin C. Wallace, Commanding


Captain Burke's Company (Mobile Greys)

Captain David N. Burke (on furlough)

Captured and Executed 27 March
2nd Lt.
J. B. McManomy, Commanding
Orderly Sergeant James Kelly; Sergeant H. D. Ripley, sergeant

John Chew, Jacob Coleman, John D. Cunningham, G. F. Curtman,  Randolph DeSpain, Samuel M. Edwards, Micajah G. Frazier, William James Gatlin, William T. Green,William Hunter, Charles B. Jennings, Montgomery P. King, P. T. Kissam, Charles Linley, Peter Mattem, William McMurray, Zeno R. O'Neal, James Reid, John Richards, John Seward, William Stephens, Kneeland Taylor, Orlando Wheeler, William P. Wood

Escaped during massacre 27 March
Neill John Devenny, Herman Ehrenberg, Thomas Kemp

Spared execution by intercession 27 March
William Rosenbury, Joseph H. Spohn, Alvin E. White

Spared execution for absence or illness 14-27 March
Joseph Hopkins


Captain Duval's Company
(Kentucky Mustangs--First Regiment Volunteers from Bardstown)

Captured and Executed 27 March
Burr H. Duval
Samuel Wilson, William Jefferson Merrifield
Sergeants George Washington Daniel, James S. Bagby, Enoch P. Gaines Chisum, William P. Dickerman
Corporals Norborne B. Hawkins, Abner B. Williams, A. H. Lynd, Richard G. Brashear

James Moss Adams, James S. Batts, Fred J. Bellows, William S. Carlson, Thomas T. Churchill, William H. Cole, John Donohoo, H. M. Downman, George Dyer, Charles Ready Haskell, Edward J. Johnson, James P. Kemp, Adams G. Lamond, James A. McDonald, William Mayer, Harvey Martin, Robert Smith Owings, Robert R. Rainey, Samuel Smith Sanders, Lawson S. Simpson, Lewis Tilson, B. W. Tolover, J. Q. Volckner, William Waggoner

Escaped during massacre 27 March
Thomas G. Allen, John Crittenden Duval, John C. Holliday, William Mason, Charles B. Shain, Augustus V. Sharpe

Spared execution by intercession 27 March
John Van Bibber (ill); Sidney Van Bibber, Ulrich Wuthrich

Spared execution for absence or illness 14-27 March
Dr. William H. Magee


Captain Pettus' Company (San Antonio Greys)

Captured and Executed 27 March
Samuel Overton Pettus (wounded Coleto)
John C. Grace
Sergeants Ebenezer Smith Heath, James, Samuel Riddell

Nathaniel R. Brister, A. Bynum, Mariano Carbajal, Charles J. Carriere, J. M. Cass, Henderson Cozart, Noah Dickinson Jr., Escott, George M. Gilland, Gould, Francis H. Gray, George Green, William Harper,  Stuart Hill, Nathan Hodge, James Noland, W. P. Johnston, Allen O. Kinney, John C. Logan, Dennis Mahoney, Edward Moody, D.A.J. Perkins, Charles Phillips, William G. Preusch, Joseph P. Riddle, Charles Sargent, R. J. Scott, Wallace,  James West, John Wood

Escaped during massacre 27 March
William Brenan, Captain Benjamin H. Holland (Artillery), Sergeant William L. Hunter, Milton Irish, David J. Jones, John Rees

Spared execution by intercession 27 March
Peter Griffin, George Andrew Vose

Flag of the Alabama Red RoversCaptain Shackelford's Company
(Alabama Red Rovers)

Captain Jack Shackelford (spared execution by intercesson)


Captured and Executed 27 March
Orderly Sergeant
Fortunatus S. Shackelford; 3rd Sergeant A. G. Foley; 4th Sergeant Zachariah H. Short
1st Corporal Henry Hogue Bentley; 2nd Corporal David Moore; 3rd Corporal John H. Barkley; 4th Corporal Andrew Winter

Patrick H. Anderson, John N. Barnhill, Joseph H. Blackwell, Thomas Burbidge, Benjamin F. Burt, J. W. Cain, Seth Clark, John G. Coe, Harvey Cox, Robert T. Davidson, George A. Davis, H. B. Day, Abijah Hogan Dickson, Henry L. Douglas, William G. Douglas, James W. Duncan, James E. Ellis, Samuel Farney, Robert Fenner, Joseph G. Ferguson, Elijah B. Franklin, David Gamble, M. C. Garner, James H. Grimes, William Gunter, William Hemphill, John Heyser, Henry W. Jones, John N. Jackson, Charles W. Kinley, Isaac H. Miller, David A. Murdock, J. M. Seaton, William J. Shackelford, Bennett Strunk, W. E. Vaughan, James Vaughan, James S. Wilder, Robert W. Wilson

Escaped during massacre 27 March
Zachariah S. Brooks, Dillard Cooper, 2nd Sergeant Isaac D. Hamilton (quartermaster), Wilson Simpson

Spared execution for absence or illness 14-27 March
1st Lt.
Francis S. Early, Simpson Tennant


Captain Westover's Company
(Regular Army)

Captured and Executed 27 March
Ira J. Westover

2nd Lt. Lucias W. Gates
1st Sergeant William S. Brown; 3rd Sergeant John McGloin

Augustus Baker, Marvin Bell, Marion Betts, Daniel Buckley, Matthew Byme, G. W. Coglan, Matthew Conway, John Cross, George Dedrich, Richard Desney/Disney, Andrew H. Eddy, Matthew Eddy, Otis G. Eels/Eiles, Robert English, John Fadden/Fadder, Edward Garner, John Gleeson, E. J. D. Grinolds, William Harris, William R. Hatfield, John Hitchard, John Kelly, Dennis McGowan, Patrick Neven, John Numlin, Stephen Pierce, Edward Ryan, Lewis Shotts, Sidney Smith, Charles B. Stewart, Daniel Syers, Joseph W. Watson, James Webb, William S. Winningham

Spared execution by intercession 27 March
Andrew Michael Boyle
, George Pittuck

Spared execution for absence or illness 14-27 March
3rd Lt.
Bennett McNelly, 1st. Lt. Francis W. Thornton


Captain Wyatt's Company (Louisville Volunteers)

Captain Peyton Sterling Wyatt (on furlough)

Recuits from Huntsville, Alabama under Lt. Benjamin F. Bradford
Recruits from Paducah, Kentucky under Captain Amon B. King

Captured and Executed 27 March
2nd Sergeant
George W. Thayer; 3rd Sergeant Henry Wilkey
Quartermaster Oliver Brown; Musician Peter Allen

Alfred Allison, Gabriel Bouch, Ewing Caruthers, Napoleon Debicki, Henry H. Dickson,. Terrell R. Frizzel, John H. Fisher, Edward Fuller, Imanuel Frederic Giebenrath, James A. Hamilton, Erasmus D. Harrison,  John Kornickey, Alexander McLennan, Claiborne D. Mixon, John F. Morgan, John K. Parker, William S. Parker, Charles Patton, Capt. A. Adolph Petrussewicz (Artillery), Frederick Severunan, John Tyler, Allen Bates Wren

Escaped during massacre 27 March
Bennett Butler


Currently Unassigned

Captured and then executed 27 March
Dusanque, Francis J. (courier for Gen. Houston); Hardwick, Charles S.; Capt. Hurst (Artillery), Stephen Decatur; Petty, Rufus R.; Pittman, James F.; Roberts, Thomas H.; Sanders, Wade H.; Sprague, Samuel; Volckman, Frederick J.; Wallace, A. J.; Weaver, Alman; Winship, Stephen

Escaped during massacre 27 March
Hazen, Nathaniel; Hicks, Joseph W.; Murphy, Daniel (William)

Spared execution for absence or illness 14-27 March
Good, Isham. J.; Howe, Joseph; Lourey/Lowary, John

Fate Unaccounted for:  Chambers, John L.; Eadock, Henry H.; Hamlet, Richard Green; Jones, David J. (served San Jacinto, hanged later for murder);Ward, Henry L.; Ward, John


Fraser's Militia Company
Capt. Hugh McDonald Fraser*
1st Lt. John Keating, 2nd Lt. Walter Lambert

John White Bower, Elkanah Brush, James W. Byrnes, Robert M. Carlisle, John Coughlin, Andrew Devereaux, Francis Dietrich, John Fagan, Nicholas Fagan, Edward Fitzgerald, John James*, Peter Hynes, John Keating, Walter Lambert, Victor Loupé, Charles Malone, Edward McDonough, George McKnight (killed in action Coleto), Morgon O'Brien, Thomas O'Connor, Michael O'Donnell, Edward Perry, John Pollen, James Power, Thomas Quirk, Isaac Robertson/Robinson, Antonio Sayle/Siler, Charles Shingle, Edmond St. John, James St. John, William St. John, Anthony Sideck/Sydick, John B. Sideck/Sydick, Martin Toole, [probably also Paulino de la Garza and José María de la Garza]
* Executed at Goliad.  James W. Bynes, John Fagan, Edward Perry, Anthony Sidick, John B. Sidick were captured at Coleto and spared on recommendation of Captain Don Carlos de la Garza, with whom they were neighbors on the San Antonio River. Nicholas Fagan who was with King at Refugio was also spared by de la Garza's intervention.


Killed in action or mortally wounded Battle of Coleto Creek 19 March 1836

Alfred Dorsey (Shackelford'sCo); Conrad Eigenauer (Burke'sCo); John Jackson (Shackelford'sCo); John Kelly (Shackelford'sCo); William H. Mann (Westover'sCo); 2nd Sergeant George McKnight (Fraser's Militia); Capt. H. Francis Petrussewicz/Petrewich (Wyatt'sCo, Artillery); William Quinn (Shackelford'sCo); William F. Savage (Shackelford'sCo); Archibald Swords (Burke'sCo)

(Sources:  List from the Telegraph and Texas Register; Kathyrn O'Connor's The Presidio La Bahia;  Index to Military Rolls Republic of Texas 1835-1845, Harbert Davenport's Notes from an Unfinished Study of Fannin and his Men & Appendix:  The Goliad Men; Thomas L. Miller's Bounty and Donation Land Grants of Texas. 1835-1888 and diverse other sources)

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