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Gonzales Town-Index

Gonzales Town Deed Decree
Bexar Jefe-Politico Ramon Musquiz
April 4, 1831

From Gonzales County deed records, volume 1,2, page 73:

Office of the Political Chief of the Department of Bexar in Superior order of the 10th March 1826, His Excellency the Governor of the State was pleased to decree as follows.

"With the official letter of your Lordship of the 5th February last and numbered 36, I received the plan of the Town of Gonzales upon the margin of the Guadalupe River, and the other documents therein inclosed transmitted by the Attorney of the Empresario Green de Witt and being informed of their contents, I have thought proper to approve of the delineation of said settlement, notwithstanding the little differences which is found on comparing the Plan with the rule that should be given Towns, by the instructions to Commissioners issued on the 26th April of last year, by this Government, of which copies was remitted to Your Lordship in a separate order of said date. Let the delineation of the aforesaid Town be approved on the terms described by the Plan, I will only observe to Your Lordship that the necessary Squares for the Public Establishments be delineated and left free, of which mention is made in the 13th Article of said instructions; and that the appointment of the Surveyor for the Colony of Green DeWitt may be made by the Commissioner of the Government in accordance with the 7th Article of the same instructions since this authority is not entrusted to any Empresario. Which I communicate to Your Lordship in reply, and for the purposes pursuant thereunto,"

And as you are the Commissioner for the partition of lands to the Colonists of the Enterprise of the Citizen Green de Witt and the establishment of the Town referred to in the above inserted order, a copy of it is transmitted to you for your information and consequent ends.

God and Liberty, 4th April 1831, Ramon Musquiz.

Town of Gonzales Deed To
Commissioner Jose Antonio Navarro
August 25, 1832

To the Citizen Jose Antonio Navarro, Commissioner for the Colony of DeWitt. Fourth Stamp One Cuartilla. Legalized for the State of Couhuila & Texas for the Years 1828, 29, 30, 31, 32 & 33. Williams.
In the Town of Gonzales Capitol of DeWitts Colony on the 25th day of August 1832, I Jose Antonio Navarro Special Commissioner for the Supreme Government of the State of Coahuila and Texas, for the partition and possession of Vacant lands in this Colony contracted by the Empresario Citizen Green de Witt, with the same Supreme Government on the 15th day of April One Thousand eight hundred and twenty five, as it appears from the contract in force on four folios duly authenticated in this Book. Whereas the same Supreme Government, having approved the establishment of the Town under the name of Gonzales, since the 10th day of March 1826, according to this plan and other documents that was directed through the Political Chief of the Department of Bexar, with his official letter No. 36 of the same year 1826, as it appears from the Official reply of His Excellency the Governor dated on the 10th March as above stated, which official reply is on file in this Book; and in consideration of said Superior order, the delineation and separation of said Squares made for the construction of Public buildings of which the instructions to Commissioner of this 4th September 1827, refers, By these presents and in fulfillment of the resolution already made by the same Supreme Government, I hold and acknowledge the land Comprehending the Site of said Town as being lawfully selected according to the plan made at that time by the Surveyor and Attorney of Green DeWitt James Kerr. Moreover consulting the aggrandizement, welfare and future convenience of this said Town, as well as attending to the verbal inducements and observations of said Empresario and some residents, so that without making any material innovation to the material site of the Town, approved as aforesaid by the Supreme Government, a new form will be given to the area of the Four leagues, by this arrangement more important advantages will result to the population in general, in exercise of my authority, I am bound to order, and I hereby order the Principal Surveyor of this Colony Citizen Byrd Lockhart appointed by myself that he proceed to survey and designate the area of said four leagues pertaining to the Town and the said Surveyor having executed the same has presented to me the original notes that he has made, expressed in the following terms. Survey of Four leagues of land which composes the tract on which the Town of Gonzales is situated, made by special order of Don Jose Antonio Navarro, Commissioner for DeWitts Colony, situated on the northeast margin of the Guadalupe and San Marcos Rivers, which will be seen more fully by reference to the map and field notes of the Surveys. The place of beginning is at a stake on the East bank of the Guadalupe River, from which a Pecan 24 inches in dia. bears S. 26-1/2 W. 12 varas from this point to the mouth of the San Marcos this is a distance of 2040 vs. nearly on a true line, from said stake on the bank of the River to Town Creek, S 24 E. 140 vs.-S 5 E. III- 1/2 vs. -to the lower corner of the land of the Town and place of beginning.

Surveyed by Byrd Lockhart and completed on the 26th day of May 1832. The foregoing field notes, was translated from the English to the Castillian language, by Jose Ramon Bedford the translator appointed and the plan that will be found annexed to this instrument signed by said Surveyor and myself the aforesaid Commissioner, will serve to perpetuate its authenticity, and in consideration thereof, due faith, credit and validity will be given to it without any other person who may not be the Supreme and lawful Authority of the State can in any manner whatsoever innovate in anything herein decreed and executed, which I the aforesaid Commissioner, sign, with the Empresario, Surveyor, and the Translator besides those of my two assisting witnesses, with whom I act in default of a Notary, to which I certify.
SIGNED: Jose Antonio Navarro. Asst. Witness: Wm. W. Arrington; Asst. Witness: Andrew Ponton; Green DeWitt; Byrd Lockhart; Jose Ramon Bedford.

General Land Office, Austin Janry. 25th 1867. 1, Edward Lewis, Spanish Clerk in said Office, bonded and sworn, Certify that the foregoing is a correct translation of the Original Title for the Town tract of Gonzales, on file in said Office - interlined 6th page 22nd line 'entered' - to 27th line, "Oak" erased 3rd page 19th line 'as it appears'. SIGNED: Edward Lewis, Spanish Clerk.

General Land Office, State of Texas. I, Fred W. Moore, Chief Clerk and acting Commissioner of the General Land of said State Certify that Edward Lewis is Spanish Clerk in said Office, bonded and sworn, and that his acts as such are entitled to full credit. In testimony whereof I have hereto set my hand, and caused the Seal of said Office to be affixed at the City of Austin this 26th day of January A.D. 1867. Fred W. Moore, Chief Clerk & Acting Comm.

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