Sons of DeWitt Colony Texas

Lone Star of Hope

Father Miguel Hidalgo

Flag of the Republican Army of the North

Gen. Xavier Mina

Flag of the Long Expedition

This month---16 September 1810

Hidalgo's Grito de Delores
A milestone toward the liberty and independence of Texas

Beginning with this development, Texas became part of an independent Mexico and a "Lone Star" of hope for liberty and Federalism in the Americas, west to the Pacific and south to Tegucigalpa.

Some modern historians have stated that Texas had no part in Mexico's struggle for independence......The Casas government proclaimed free commerce between the United States and of the United States said "by autumn of 1811 self-government would be exercised by the people from Texas to the Gulf of Darien...United States citizens would [have] free and profitable commerce with Texas and Mexico."

The Texas revolution.....kept open communications between the insurgents of Mexico and the United States; hence, it was a safeguard to the [whole Mexican] revolution. Lic. Ignacio Aldama was shot in Monclova [Coahuila y Texas], June 20, 1811. Father Juan Salazar was condemned to death for high treason, and shot in Monclova.....[royal governors] Manuel de Salcedo and Simon de Herrera of Texas; Juan Manuel Sambrano with the counter-revolutionists in Texas....accomplished the capture of the insurgent [Hidalgo and his] chieftains....these Texas leaders ended the first period of the Mexican revolution---Authors Garrett and Chabot

Texas-based independence movements (de Lara, Toledo, Mina, LaFitte and Long) kept the spirit of resistance and independence alive.

Texas played a decisive role in the timetable and evolution of Mexican independence and independence and liberty of the two nations remain forever intertwined.


Coahuila y Tejas

La Colonia de DeWitt
de Coahuila y Tejas
Republica Federal de Mejico

The Lone Star


Empresario Greene DeWitt"Art. 1. All Foreigners, virtue of the general law of 1824...which guarantees the security of their persons and property in the territory of the Mexican Nation, wish to remove to any of the settlements of the state of Coahuila y Tejas are at liberty to do so; and the said State invites and calls them."--Mexican Law 1824

Parts of Caldwell, Comal, DeWitt, Fayette, Gonzales, Guadalupe, Hays, Jackson, Lavaca, Victoria and Wilson Counties

Map Mexico 1824"beginning at the right bank of Arroyo de la Vaca at a distance of the reserved ten leagues from the coast, adjoining the colony of Stephen Austin on the east, the line shall go up the river to the Bejar-Nacogdoches road; it shall follow this road until it reaches a point two leagues to the west of Guadalupe River; thence it shall run parallel with the river down to the Paraje de las Mosquitos; and following the inner edge of the ten league coast reservation, it shall close the boundaries of the grant at the point of the beginning."

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