Sons of DeWitt Colony Texas

Old Come and Take It Flag

Old Gonzales 18

Participant George Washington Davis

Gonzales Cannon

Participant Benjamin Fuqua

This month 1835
The Battle of Gonzales

The "Lexington-Concord" of Texas

The Old Gonzales 18---The Gonzales Cannon---Eyewitness Reports

From 1825 until October 1835, DeWitt colonists as loyal Mexican Federalists opposed armed resistance to increasing militarism of the Mexico City-based Centralists.  Abrogation of state's rights and the entire Federal Constitution of 1824 by dictator Antonio López de Santa Anna prompted resistance to attempts by Centralist authorities in San Antonio to disarm the colonists and deny their right to bear arms.

30 Sept 1835….The sd cannon is now in this Town and if force it from us we must submit---We are weak and few in numbers but will nevertheless contend for what we believe to be just principles. God and Liberty---Regidor Joseph D. Clements to Lt. Franco Castañeda.

…….[colonists contended that] this cannon had been presented to the citizens of Gonzales for the defence of the Constitution, by the constitutional authorities, under the confederation, and that none but constitutional authorities should be obeyed…… the Mexican commander [Lt. Francisco Castañeda] was acting under the orders of Santa Anna, who had broken down all the State and Federal constitutions, except that of Texas; and we would fight for our rights under that until the last gasp….. Castonado then replied that he was himself a republican, and two thirds of the Mexican nation were such, and that he was still an officer of the federal government……Colonel Moore then demanded him to surrender or join our side, and he would be received with open arms, and retain his rank, pay and emoluments, or to fight him instantly---MacComb's Report to Austin 5 Oct

…….each commander returned to their positions and Lt. Col. Wallace ordered cannoneer J.C. Neill to fire the cannon loaded with 16 inches of powder and scrap metal, a harmless shot known as the first shot of the Texas Revolution ["the Texas shot heard round the world."]….. Lt. Castañeda immediately retreated and returned to San Antonio.


Coahuila y Tejas

La Colonia de DeWitt
de Coahuila y Tejas
Republica Federal de Mejico

The Lone Star


Empresario Greene DeWitt"Art. 1. All Foreigners, virtue of the general law of 1824...which guarantees the security of their persons and property in the territory of the Mexican Nation, wish to remove to any of the settlements of the state of Coahuila y Tejas are at liberty to do so; and the said State invites and calls them."--Mexican Law 1824

Parts of Caldwell, Comal, DeWitt, Fayette, Gonzales, Guadalupe, Hays, Jackson, Lavaca, Victoria and Wilson Counties

Map Mexico 1824"beginning at the right bank of Arroyo de la Vaca at a distance of the reserved ten leagues from the coast, adjoining the colony of Stephen Austin on the east, the line shall go up the river to the Bejar-Nacogdoches road; it shall follow this road until it reaches a point two leagues to the west of Guadalupe River; thence it shall run parallel with the river down to the Paraje de las Mosquitos; and following the inner edge of the ten league coast reservation, it shall close the boundaries of the grant at the point of the beginning."

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