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DeWitt Colony Descendants

"I found your site tonight and am very impressed with all the information about the Texas revolution....I descended from Adams and Smith, early settlers in LavacaCo, TX from TN. Two sons married Zumwalt girls." Pat Lowe "in Minnesota...a long way from Texas!"

"What a wonderful site! I have so enjoyed reading about more Texas history. We have always loved living Texas history and named our 3rd child Austin to commemorate our growing up at the mouth of the Brazos in Stephen F. Austin's colony. I wish our kids were taught California history like we were taught Texas history! It is just as colorful....." Jana Aan McDougal Rooke, descendant of Loving Harvey Baugh.

"Very informative sight. I have direct connection to Joseph de la Baume.....My mother's name is Helen Elaine La Baume Haskell.....I have visited El Capote ranch.....The original El Capote Cabin of my 6th great grandfather stands...[at the] West Texas Ranch Heritage Center on campus of Texas Tech Univ." Stephen Douglas Haskell,  Midland, TX 6/01

" much I get out of your web site.  It is most wonderful and so rich with Texas History.  I LOVE IT.  I have been researching Joseph de la Baume, my ancestor through his daughter, Victorina.....I am particularly interested in communicating with other La Baume descendants"  Sylvia Bisnar 12/03

"My Great-Grandmother was Victorina Vidal. We are the sixth great grandchildren of Joseph De La Baume.   I would like to find out more information about him for a project that my daughter is doing for school and to know my roots....your website it has helped me know the importance of my heritage. Thank you! Rebecca D. Mahar  4/06

"We really enjoy this site not only because our ancestors are mentioned, but this site gives young people such as my children a great way to learn about Texas History. We are descendants of George Blair and Sarah Lockhart daughter of Byrd Lockhart." Julie & Kenny Karm

"I too love your website.  In fact I love it so much I made a trip to the Gonzales County Archives and researched my ancestors.  The next week I went to Washington on the Brazos and did more research......thank you for your site." Descendant of George and Sarah Fulton Lockhart Blair, Susan Blair Doolittle and Amanda Matilda Doolittle Stevens. Nancy Page

"Thank you for all your time and effort in putting "Sons of DeWitt Colony Texas" on the web.  It is the finest example of a Texas history site that I have seen." Descendant of George Blair, Gerald L. Estepp, Atlanta TX

"Your articles on your website amaze me everytime I visit.  Everything you include in your website is so interesting.  I only wish it could all be put in a book so that I could take it everywhere and read! Cheers to you, for your unending web pages!  I have learned so much from you website." Mary Light, Sterling Heights, MI,  4th great granddaughter of Bernard "Barney" & "Nancy" Ann Riney Brown (early settlers of the Lavaca River Valley).

"....the web site, I find it full of wonderful information (a rarity on todays web!). My family is also from DewittCo (Cuero, Lost Creek,Valley View, etc)" [Researching CHADDOCK - NICHOLS - MEANS - KLOKAU - THUEM - SHAW - FECHNE] Mary M. Chaddock

"I visited the website and was impressed. Good ideas there. I particularly like the vast amount of information you are putting in such a small space. If you would like to guide folks our way, here is the Gonzales County Historical Commission's URL. My ancestors are Isaac Cottle and Mary Ann Williams. Is there an auxiliary for women?" Lee Aurale Huff.  Lee: The Sons of DeWitt Colony is meant to be a genderless, generic term. See DeWitt Colony Ladies and Alamo Widows and Mothers---WLM.

"It seems everytime I  sit at the computer one of my first moves is to go to your web site.....I started looking for another side of my wife's family, Cottle, knowing that a George Washington Cottle, had been at the Alamo, your site with all it's information on the Cottle's was outstanding.....Thanks for all your time and effort writing Sons of DeWitt Colony, Texas.....enjoyed you articles on Freemasonry and the Revolution."  Wallace L. Frank, Las Vegas, NV

"I just wanted to thank you for the treasure trove of information that is the Sons of DeWitt Colony Texas website.  Your information has been invaluable in my research into my ancestors (Great-great-great grandson of Joseph D. and Rachel Baker Clements).   William Spencer Clements Jr., Aggie Class of '86, Spring, TX, 2004

"I very much enjoyed finding your web site. About 4 years ago I found out that an uncle of mine, Jacob C. Darst, had been at the Alamo. It is a pleasure to find so much data, so well organized on one subject." Russ Elmore

"I'm enjoying reading about the various individuals who made history back in 1836. You've made them come alive! I'm glad you were able to use the information I provided about the Dierdorff family." Beverly Whitaker

"I read your material on the Battle of the Alamo and found it very interesting....very impressed with your story on William Dearduff...unfortunately the material on James George is completely wrong....a hired researcher grabbed a very wealthy family and attached him [in the 1930's].....I am very impressed with your website....happy to see something of this quality on the web."  Descendant of James and Elizabeth Dearduff George and William Dearduff.   Joyce Speer Moore.  [New data from the research of Ms. Moore has been added to the appropriate sections on James George and William Dearduff-WLM]

" website, and highest quality of pages and history.....Many thanks for providing [the] finest information on my wife's ancestors, Minerva DeWitt and Isham Green Jones.....I would like to know where I can donate the money to keep up working on Sons of DeWitt Colony."  J. Moehring
JM:  Thanks for your support. Currently, Sons of DeWitt Colony Texas is funded privately as a public service. I'm glad the site is of interest.---WLM

"I just wanted to drop you a quick line to compliment your website. Green DeWitt was my 5th great-uncle, and I had never had an opportunity to learn much about him. Thanks!!!! Diana L Kelly

"Ever since I discovered your web-site, I've been there several times a week it seems. It's a vast source of information & history.....last year at a wedding that I had a very nice chat with a very old Great Aunt who told me that our family was related to "Empresario Green DeWitt." A little bit of research - not the least of which was your web-site - and I've discovered so much about my family history. As a native Texan, I feel such special pride in knowing that my ancestors (along with all the other original Texians) had such a seminal role in our late Republic, and now, greatest state in the union. God Bless.  Very much interested in hearing from anyone about Green DeWitt & Sarah Seely and Charles Mason & Eveline DeWitt." William D. Harrison, Red Oak, TX 75154 2005

"Thank you for your trouble.  I liked your informative and sometimes entertaining pages!" Patricia Cleveland Gale, descendant of Thomas J. Cleveland, brother of Nancy S. Cleveland Dikes, in-law of the Miles Dikes family.

"......enjoyed your website very much.  It's a very nice piece of ought to be a model for sites of that kind."  Scott Chafin, Houston, Texas.  Descendant of William H. Anderson and Elizabeth Angelina Dikes, niece of Miles Dikes.

"This is an excellent web site, and I admire all the effort that has gone into it. I have been interested in trying to see if I have an ancestral link to John E. Garvin, and am pretty much at a dead end.....thank you for having such a great website." Jim Garvin 2004

"I really like the changes you made to your site. Lookin' great ....still searching for the illusive Arch Gibson." Shannon Clyde

"Thanks so much for the information you have gathered and made available on the internet.  I am a descendant of the Alamo defender, Thomas Jackson and the early colonist, Jonathan Cottle.  Thanks again!"  Donna King Irby

"......may I most heartily congratulate you and your daughter for your effort on the Sons Of DeWitt Colony web site. It is truly an amazing piece of work. I learned more about Texas history by simply browsing than in all my formal history courses in school. At the same time I learned much about my heritage....I am a 3rd great grandson of Maj. James KERR. I became interested in genealogy when I learned I was related to the man for whom Kerrville and Kerr County was named. That is about all the information I had to start with. Since that time, about two years ago, and largely thanks to your site, I now know quite a lot.....I am proud that one of my direct ancestors played such a valuable part. Thank you again for a wonderful educational resource."  Ron Whitmore

"We were able to visit your Dewitt Colony website and are enjoying it very much---thanks for all of the efforts that went into constructing it....interested in the history of the early settlers around Gonzales...special interest in the life of George C. Kimball. Thanks again for setting up your great website---it is much appreciated." Cathy and Ken Baker

"My mother, who hates the Internet, was.......intensely interested......when I found John Himes Livergood on your site.  Her gg-grandfather....Wonderful site....Thanks for all your good work on this great site."  Descendant of John Himes Livergood Sylvia Caldwell Rankin.

"Just found your wonderful site and my GGGrandfather, John Himes Livergood of Lavaca County."  Jane Wineinger

"I was thrilled to find this web site and so much information on Byrd see Byrd's plaque in the Alamo. What a thrill.....Thank you very much for this site."   Descendant of Byrd Lockhart and daughter Mary (Polly) Lockhart (Briggs) Mickie McBrien Admire.

"Enjoy your site very much, and ......the tremendous service to our history and heritage that you have contributed. My great, great, great grandfather was Captain Albert Martin....." Joe McNamara, Dallas

"First of all I want to say how impressed I am with your web page on DeWitt's Colony. Two of my ancestors were involved with Wm. A. Matthews in bringing 17 families from Tennessee to DeWitt"s Colony (Gonzales) in 1830." John McKean

"Thanks so much for your ever changing web site. You are providing a great source of information to everyone interested in Texas history as well as those of us interested in geneology." Descendant of Henry McCulloch and John M. Ashby, Bob Baldwin

"I really enjoyed my visit. You have done a great job. Have made some progress in my McCoy research will put together a post for the Family History section." Kitty McCoy

"I am delighted with all the information you have about the DeWitt Colony. I am apparently descended from Jesse McCoy, who died at the Alamo. I am trying to determine whether the information I have is accurate. I have been utterly unable to learn  what happened to Jesse McCoy's widow (Kitty) and trace them up to my grandmother Martha Ann McCoy McGee.  I am fascinated by all the history of Texas. I would appreciate immensely any help anyone out there could provide me." Patrick McGee Madera, CA

"....It is great all the info. on the web pages of the "Sons of DeWitt Colony Texas". On my fathers side of the family my relatives are the Pontons, and on my mothers side we have the McCoys.  Just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate someone as yourself for letting me read about my relatives. Thanks for all the hard work you've put into this." Jim Boatman

"We are truly amazed at this wonderful website and how complete it is."  Mrs. Donald Leifeste (Don's great-great grandfather was Isham Smith).

"It's a great site (all of it).  You've done a wonderful job. Thanks for including my info <on the Sowells>." Pat Grout

"We are so pleased to find your [website].  Please visit our web site." Descendants of the Sowells of Lavaca County, Texas, Michelle Rochford-Boleyn & Rilla Hartsoe

"I just recently found your site, DeWitt Colony, and was very impressed! I'm Creed Taylor's gr-granddaughter, so the information I read was really fantastic, historical reading.  I learned something about my grgr-grandparents, Josiah and Hephzibeth Taylor, and the original DeWitt Colony. Thank you very much!" Leta Waddle Horine

"Just discovered your work with the folks of Dewitt County and its Dewitt Colony.  I'm a proud descendent of Josiah Taylor the elder who came to Texas with the Magee-Gutierrez (filibustering!) Expedition in 1812-13.  A group of descendents will host The Josiah Taylor Family Association's 13th reunion this fall, probably in late Sept. at Fredericksburg, Texas." R.S. Robert Giles, San Antonio, May 2004.

"Buenas Dias, I have visited your site and find the information therein to be useful and enjoyable....I am descended from John Jackson Tumlinson Sr. and Elizabeth Plemmons, members of the old 300, Austin's first colony....I have started a Texas History Web Ring, TexRing....meant to be educational in nature, linking websites that focus on Texas History.". Richard Shannon

"You must get a great deal of pleasure in giving so much pleasure to others [with the information on the website]. I [went on] permanent disability.....So have started research on the family....great service to the past and future and this is one son of the south that feels that is special." Ron Tuton. Researching Tutons in DeWitt Colony from 1836.

Re: The fact that Richard Veal was in Capt. Adam Zumwalt's Minuteman Company from Lavaca County that pursued the Comanche band that murdered Tucker Foley south to Linnville: "Thanks!!! for the information on Richard Veal. I have heard/read other things about him, but hadn't seen this." Alicia M. Whitehead, his gggg-granddaughter.

"One hundred sixty-six years ago, my great-great grandmother, Elizabeth Morris Wood, probably her husband, James T. Wood and their children were fleeing across Texas in the Run Away Scrape. Their oldest son (William Riley Wood) her father (Spencer Morris) and her three brothers (John, Bethel and Spencer Morris, Jr.) were with Sam Houston's army. They were assigned to guard the baggage at Harrisburg during the Battle of San Jacinto. In the fall of 1836, Spencer Morris, an older man, died as well as his son, Bethel. John Morris died in 1838 or 1839 and Spencer Morris, Jr. moved to Burnet, Texas. The Wood family went to San Saba, Texas about 150 years ago. The families lost touch until Harvey Morris, a descendant of Spencer Morris, Jr. got in touch with me through your website. My brother, two Wood cousins, and I are going to Oklahoma tomorrow to meet Harvey Morris."  Joyce Wood Wells March 2002

"I have learned very much of my family history here at this website.....want to say how much I appreciate it and thank you for all the work, time and energy you have spent in developing the history of DeWitt County and surrounding area."  Willie B. Smith Jr.---A lost Texan in Colorado

Descendants of Other Texians

"Hurrah for the website. I am a shirt-tail relative of Capt. Jesse Billingsley, C Co 1st Reg. at San Jacinto.  The work you went through to present such a wonderful rendering of the historic fact about the Colony is really appreciated.  Thank you very much." Richard Collins, grandson of Walter C. Billingsley of Utah

"Your website is the best I have seen. You have honored Texas.....Peter [Ellis Bean] is also a cousin of mine."  Patsy Emory

"......such a wonderful Texas historical site! I love Texas history and love to read it. When I can find a site dedicated to this history and find my family included, I'm ecstatic!.......The niece of Pedro Bean, Lucinda Jane "Cinderella" Bean married my 4th great uncle, William Williams. They are both buried in the Pioneer Cemetary in Ranger, EastlandCo TX with a Texas Historical gravemarker....." Cynthia Driskell Casey

"I opened your Sons of Dewitt Colony web site. What a wonderful surprise and discovery! Congratulations on developing one of the finest sites I have seen!"  William Bonham, descendant of James Bonham

"I greatly enjoy your website.  I am a descendant of Edward Burleson and three different Texas Rangers who served during the late 1800's and early 1900s. I truly enjoy reading your website and appreciate the fact that you allow even the rudest of comments be posted on your comment board."  Les Brown  2004

"I am writing an article on William Coltrin and your site has been most helpful in getting it started. Although it looks like William Coltrin had no descendants except for his estranged wife, your Dewitt site has helped me put his life in context of the Texas history." Linda Coltrin, Tucson, AZ, Coordinator of Coltrin Cousins

"Our family greatly appreciates your efforts in providing Texas History for those of us on distant branches [of Texians]."   Descendant of Haden and Susannah Edwards, Gail Chambers

"Thank you for this interesting information [on Samuel Rhoads Fisher]....... this is a great addition...."  4th greatgrandaughter of Samuel Rhoads Fisher. Andrea Pridgen

"What a fantastic discovery it was for me to find your very excellent work on [Samuel Rhoads] FISHER......I have been for over a decade involved in the search for the wreck of The INVINCIBLE, the Texas Navy vessel sunk in a battle off of Galveston.......[and] on FISHER'S relationship to this specific vessel."  3rd greatgrandson William Comstock Fisher IV.

"I wish to compliment you on your wonderful site. I have not taken time to read all yet but intend to as time allows. It is simply packed full of information....shows a great dedication to your ancestors and to Texas history."   Descendant of Robert Hancock Hunter.   Terry Frierson, Bastrop, TX

"I stumbled upon your web page by accident, and am so glad I did! This is magnificent material!  I am kin to Ben Milam. He is my 4th Great Uncle.....I am still looking for more [information].  Good or bad.....history on Ben Milam."  Larry Milam

"I enjoyed and appreciate the I.N.Mitchell segment in the Free State of Lavaca. It is most interesting to read about and know more of one's own background."  Isaac Newton Mitchell V   200 Mitchell Drive, Spring Branch Texas 78070 (2004).

".......have visited your site dozens of times.....My hat is off! What a tremendous contribution you have made! Thank you!"   Seeking information on Mary Caroline Pease Davis (widow of Lyman or possibly Lorrain Thompson Pease, JR.)....Samuel Robert Pease (1868-1901)....served as a Texas Ranger in the Frontier Battalion under Captain McDonald and had twin brothers John and Edward.  Gordon Bingaman

"....James Hays County. My sixth generation back grandfather was John Sowell of Gonzales and fifth generation back grandfather was William S. Turner.....Thank you very much for the work done on the Sons of Dewitt Colony. I read the information regularly." James Turner, Box 1312 San Marcos, Tx.

" of the best sites I have found for areas I have been researching.  Thanks for all the hard work!" Looking for origin of Joshua V. Stewart family. Jane Caperton Johnson

"I enjoyed reading about the Dewitt Colony. Thank you for this testimony."   Seeking information on Walkers of the Austin Colony.  Faye W. Johnston

"I really enjoyed the site.  There is a wealth of information very useful to those of us involved in historic preservation in our communities.  I just forwarded a page to a person doing a history of the Catholic Diocese of Corpus Christi."  Descendant of Empresario James McGloin, Geraldine D'Unger McGloin

"I have just come across your site and found it very informative concerning my ancestors, John Wm,  Wilson T. and Wm W. Lightfoot.  I sent corrections on the ancestry of John Wm to The Handbook of Texas Online but even though acknowledged it is still incorrect.  I am glad to see it corrected on your site.  Thank you for this excellent site."  Cynthia Orth

"I have been looking for sometime for my Great Great grandfather. I had heard that it was thought he fought in the Battle of San Jacinto. That was the only reason we could figure the name was carried so long. I found him in the listing for the 2nd Reg. Volunteers 8th infantry.....Thanks for the site, it is really enjoyable." David E. Brown V

"Very nice web site.  All the best." John F. (Buck) Fannin, Jacksonville, FL (from near Marion GA across from AL, probably remote grandnephew of James Walker Fannin)   (2004)

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